AMUG 2021

Discover our webinars given by our 3D printing solutions experts

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Liquid Resins for Radiation Curing
2nd April 2020
10:00 (EDT)
Arkema’s Sartomer Business is a pioneer in designing advanced liquid resin solutions for Radiation Curing Additive Manufacturing. Watch this recording to discover the N3xtDimension® portfolio for Radiation Curing 3D printing, including new engineered resins, and review some partner use cases for industrial applications.
Themoplastic Pellets for Filament Extrusion
9th April 2020
10:00 (EDT)
Arkema’s 3D printing portfolio includes a range of advanced polymers for Filament Extrusion printing technologies. Watch this session to learn about Kepstan® PEKK, Kynar® PVDF, Pebax® TPE and Altuglas® PMMA.
High Performance Polymers for Powder Bed Fusion and Filament extrusion – Performance and Sustainability for end use applications
10th November 2020
6:30 (CEST)
Arkema, a manufacturer of high performance polymers, will share the latest in materials and end use applications in aerospace, automotive, consumer goods, and industrial markets with emphasis on durability and sustainability; two key drivers enabling the expansion of 3D printing to revolutionize supply chains.
Liquid Resins for Radiation Curing – Extensive N3xtDimension® Offering to Meet New Applications and Performances
12th November 2020
12:00 (CEST)
Arkema’s acquisition of Lambson brings a full range of selected photoinitiators and cationic resins to the N3xtDimension® custom liquid resin systems’ materials family for additive manufacturing. Our experts will present this new offering, share new engineered solutions and highlight state of the art industrial use-cases, to show how our comprehensive range of capabilities and deep technical expertise are enabling the development of tailored solutions to our customers and partners.
Thermoplastic Powders for Powder Bed Fusion
26th March 2020
10:00 (EDT)
Arkema offers comprehensive range of polyamide powders designed for Powder Bed Fusion technologies. Watch this session to learn about Rilsan® PA11, Orgasol® PA12, Kepstan® PEKK, and Pebax®TPE.