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HIGH SOLIDS SYSTEMS – Designing a more sustainable world with High Solids solutions
9th June 2021
In this webinar you will learn about our expertise in polymer design and rheology and find out some examples of uses for your end market.
UV SYSTEMS – A pioneering offering and expertise enabling exceptional freedom of performance design
9th June 2021
Discover a unique portfolio for UV systems including resins, photoinitiators and additives. Learn more about radiation curing solvent-free technology, enabling advanced performance for specialty coatings and inks.
WATERBORNE SYSTEMS – Partnering for tomorrow Waterborne Formulations
10th June 2021
In this webinar, you will find out more about our broad, high performing and sustainable offer of ingredients. We will also demonstrate how to push paints & coatings performance limits using all the synergies of this comprehensive offering.
POWDER SYSTEMS – Pushing the limits of Performance and Sustainability to the Next Level
10th June 2021
You will discover some of the latest innovations in thermoplastic and thermosetting powder coatings and powder coating resins. This webinar highlights some of the recent advancements in the areas of Sustainability, Enhanced Durability, and Performance.
Global coatings market and the key trends impacting this industry by Orr&Boss
9th June 2021
In this webinar, Douglas Bohn of Orr & Boss will provide an overview of the global coatings market as well as the key trends impacting the market. Orr & Boss focuses on the coatings markets and provides its clients with market research, mergers & acquisitions, and operations management consulting services.